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Here at Outreach, we specialize in the psychiatric treatment for children, adolescents, and young adults including their families. We believe in delivering individualized, compassionate care with a healthcare team that focuses on exceptional care and outcomes. Outreach provides a collaboration of different therapy modalities as well as medication management. We specialized in mood and behavioral disorders, as well as ADHD.  We integrate care in a coordinated effort so that our clients function optimally and appropriately, with a sense of health and wellbeing. 
Outreach also offers Psycho-Educational Evaluations that measure different types of reasoning, memory & working efficiency. Psycho-Educational Evaluations are an assessment of how a student learns and includes various steps to verify a diagnosis. 
Outreach understands the difficulties our clients face in these trying times, as such, we provide a supportive and holistic approach so that our clients and their families can thrive.